Turtlestitch at Citilab

This is a collection of materials and experiences around TurtleStitch at Citilab-Cornellà.

TurtleStitch builds on a browser-based educational programming language (Snap!) to generate patterns for embroidery machines. It is easy to use, requiring no prior knowledge in programming, yet powerful in creating novel patterns for embroidery. It is useful for
designers to experiment with generative aesthetics and precision embroidery as well as a tool for innovative workshops combining an introduction to programming with a haptic output.

Lesson plans

At Citilab we did some workshops using Turtlestich as main tool. From these workshops we created lesson plans that can be reproduced in different spaces and a diversity of audience, like students, teachers, adults or families.

Taking care of bees

This workshop aims to encourage interest in and motivation toexplore the practice of coding. The participants will discover Turtlestitch. In addition, in the workshop they work on “Life on Land”, the 15th goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically, on the halt biodiversity loss.

Thus, we will focus the topic of the workshop on the conservation of bees. Bees are the major pollinators and for this reason, we will invite workshop participants to program and to share flowers on a virtual wall as a tribute to this purpose.

Taking care of bees

Christmas ornament

Currently the challenge for citizens is to take care of planet with looking for new ways to create things and to change processes. In this way, to empower citizens to find creativity activities it’s a good practice to feel successful doing it. On this experience mixes tradition and innovation, combining sewing with technology.
This workshop aims to create a Christmas Card or Christmas tree decoration.

The method we use in this workshop is to put together different shapes in order to create a new original design.

Christmas ornament

Support cards

Beginners cards translations

Based on the original beginners cards from Turtle stitch website, we generate a version in Google Drive format easier to edit. By the moment we have Catalan and Spanish version. Feel free to share the translations in your language.

Catalan versionSpanish version

Petal shape cards

Cards were created to help the programming of different shapes for flower petals in the Take care of bees workshops.

Petal shape cards

Christmas figures cards

Support cards for Christmas ornament workshop

Christmas figures cards

Stitch patterns cards

Cards intended to show the different stitching types that can be made with Turtlestitch.

Stitch patterns cards


2020 July – Tecnoestiu – Take care of bees

Families and non-formal learning workshops in the summertime.

Best moments of Tecnoestiu 2020

2021 January – Tecnohivern – Christmas Tree

In winter, we did a workshop dedicated to the Christmas season. The idea was to build a piece of fabric with a Christmas embroidery, to hang on the Christmas tree. It was an online workshop because COVID-19 restrictions.

Tecnohivern 2020

Marc 2021 – Workshop for degree students of UDG (Girona University)

UDG Workshop

2021 May – JPRE21 Workshop

Online workshop for teachers and professionals at JPRE21 (Annual robotics and programming meeting organized by Citilab and Education Department or Regional Government)

Turtlestich at JPRE21

2021 July – Customize your t-shirt

Activity inside the summer camp organized with the non-formal education entity “Club Sanfeliu-Sant Ildefons” from Cornellà.

Summer camp Sanfeliu-Sant Ildefons

2021 July – Snap!Con 2021 collaboration

Collaboration in the Snap!Con 2021 presentation TurtleStitch: The Power of Diversity

TurtleStitch: The Power of Diversity

2021 October – Turtlestitch for adult people

Digital embrodey for adults

2021 December – Escola la Paralleda, Santa Oliva

Two days of workshops for students, teachers and adult people at Escola la Parellada at Santa Oliva municipality.

Escola la Parellada workshops

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824630.

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